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Consign49 Team Members – More Than Just a Team

We owe a lot to our Consign49 Team Members. From setup to teardown, we count on them to assist us with every aspect of a Consign49 Event. They are the backbone of our sales, working side by side to make each sale bigger and better for everyone. We appreciate every minute we have with our team members and have put together some great incentives and rewards for those who dedicate their time to us.

Rewarding and Fun!

Consign49 Team Members get a front row seat to everything that goes into putting on a Consign49 event. In additional to earning a higher percentage of their sales, Team Members get to see the amazing merchandise being brought in to the event, and are able to shop before all others by receiving a pass to our private presale!

Our team member shifts run in four-hour blocks. Consignors receive an extra 5% of their total sales for each four-hour shift worked, up to a maximum of 15%. To be eligible for the maximum 15% additional earnings, one of the three worked shifts must include the Super Sorter shift on the evening of the last sales day.  If participating in the Super Sorter shift, you will also be eligible to win a number of prizes that will be given away in a live drawing that evening.

3 Shifts (Including Super Sorter shift) = 80% consignor earnings, and access to presales in the first time slot @ 3pm

2 Shifts = 75% consignor earnings, and access to presales in the second time slot @ 3:30pm

1 Shift = 70% consignor earnings, and access to presales on Presale Day @ the 4pm time slot

Even though consignor benefits max out after three shifts, if you love participating in our event, you can help out as much as you would like!  If you would like to take a more active role in the event and be considered for one of our Team Member Lead positions, please contact us.

Team Member Job Descriptions

Here are main examples of the Team Member shifts you will see in the consignor portal. If you think of something else that fits your qualifications or interest, PLEASE let us know!

Set Up Assistant: Help with unloading equipment, setting up tables, and assembling racks and gridwall.  This is a very much needed role, as we always have a tight set up window. Husbands or other handy, strong folks are always needed!

Runner: Help during consignor drop offs by assisting consignors with putting out their items, taking items and placing them on the sales floor, and general helping out as needed during drop offs.

Clothing Inspector: Are you detail oriented? Do you like inspecting and analyzing? This job is for you! Inspect incoming items for quality and condition and be ready to turn away items that aren’t up to Consign49 standards. You must be a returning consignor to sign up for this position.

Organizer: Perfect for someone who loves organization, or someone with retail experience. Help us transform Raven Hall into a beautiful and organized retail like setting.

Cashier/Register Assistant: Can tend to get crazy, but always fun! Especially when you see firsthand the deals shoppers have scored. Help checkout items as you remove the hangers and bag the bargain buys. You must be a returning consignor to sign up for this position.

Sales Floor Assistant: Help out during sale times. Assist us in keeping the sales floor in order. Pick up items from the floor, return displaced or go back items, redistribute and organize areas as needed, and help out any shoppers who need assistance.

Dressing Room Assistant: Help keep dressing room flow orderly.  Assist customers with items they decide to pass on and get go back racks ready for runners to pick up.

Super Sorter: Be part of the group that wraps it all up. Sort donated items and unsold items by consignor numbers, in preparation for unsold item pick up.  This is also a bit of a celebration at sale end, and there will be a pizza party and prize giveaways during this shift!

Pick Up Runner: Help assist consignors when they come to pick up their unsold items at the end of the event.

Tear Down Assistant: Assist with breaking down tables, organizing and packing up supplies, and final building clean up.

Can’t participate during the actual sale, but you have other ways to contribute to a successful Consign49 Event?

Help us out in any of the following ways, and receive passes to our presales:

  • Help Consign49 get media coverage in local publications or news stations.
  • Distribute flyers to community locations.
  • Help with sign distribution in the weeks before the event.

Consign49 Team Member Guidelines

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. We recommend flats. You will most likely be on your feet throughout your shift. Consign49 may have refreshments and snacks available.
  • Please make sure to secure babysitting, as children are not permitted during your shift.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your shift. You will be given your job assignment, as well as a Consign49 apron or name tag to wear.
  • Sign in and sign an executed Waiver of Liability form upon arrival; it is required for all Team Members.
  • Our sale is run completely by the Consign49 team members and therefore we count on each one who has signed up to be there. Any changes to shifts must be done in the consignor portal the Monday before the event starts. If for any reason you cannot make your Team Member shift, please notify us immediately at info@consign49.com. Consignors who miss a work shift without cause or notice may risk opportunities to participate in future events.
  • Private Presale passes for Team Member will be valid for only ONE person. If you want to shop with a friend, encourage them to become a Team Member.

Remember, Team Member work slots are filled on a first come basis. Register Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Working as a team member at a Consign49 event is a super fun way to get in on the action, earn higher earnings percentages, and be the first to shop! Here are some FAQ’s. Read through, but if your question isn’t answered, please ask us at info@consign49.com.

Who can participate as a team member at Consign49 events?

Any Consignor can sign up who has the physical ability to be on their feet! Our team members are the heart of our sales, helping us run them smoothly and seamlessly.

What are the perks for Consign49 Team Members?

Quite a few! Consign49 Team Members get first access to our inventory before the public! Team members receive passes to the event presales, ahead of all other shoppers. They also earn a higher percentage on all of their items sold during the event, earning an additional 5% for each 4-hour shift worked, up to a maximum of an extra 15% earnings (one shift must be the Super Sorter shift to get the 15% maximum).  Additionally, Team Members are eligible for increased item limits in certain categories.  Most consignors also find it to be rewarding and fun to help out at our event which brings so much to the community!

Can I bring my child with me to my shift?

No, unfortunately we do not allow children to accompany Team Members. Our Team Members fully immerse themselves in their work, which makes it nearly impossible to do with children to watch over. In addition, it’s a liability we cannot take. Exceptions are nursing babies who can be “worn” on their moms!

What type of Team Member Jobs and Shifts are available?

Visit our Team Member Job Descriptions section and sign up today! Not available during those shifts, but have another way of adding value to a Consign49 event? Email us with your work shift proposal. We’re always open to working with everyone in the community to make our event even better!

Can someone else work a shift for me?

Yes! We welcome any Team Members! Husbands are especially appreciated during set up and take down. Keep in mind however, that only one presale pass will be given to the Team Member who is the registered consignor.  Also, all Team Members must sign a Waiver of Liability upon the beginning of his/her first shift.

Is my pass valid for me AND my friends?

No, presale passes are valid for only one person, the registered consignor. If friends are interested in shopping together, we encourage them to sign up individually to consign as well, or to purchase one of our VIP Presale Passes.

Any other questions? Email us at info@consign49.com.

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